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Labradoodles are a deliberate cross between a Labrador and a Poodle. They generated from Austrailia where a man called Wally Cochran who bred guide dogs for the blind needed a dog that wouldnt upset a blind womans husband. She needed a guide dog, but her husband had allergies to dogs! So Wally had the idea of crossing the 2 breeds together to try to produce a dog that wouldnt affect the husbands allergies and also to get a dog that wasnt as highly strung as the pure Poodle.
The Labradoodle was born!!
When you ask most of the general public what they know about Labradoodles, they will say that they dont cast hair and are all suitable for folk with Allergies.
Most Labradoodles cast their coat to some degree, weather they are a Hair, Fleece or Wool coat. I have 4 Labradoodles in my house. I have 2 Soft Fleece coats, they both cast a very small amount, one is the Curly Wool coat and even she casts a small amount! The last I have is a curly Fleece and he is the only one that dosent cast! And they are all F2's aswell!
The best thing anyone with allergies can do is spend as much time as possible with an Adult Labradoodle with the desired coat type they would like in a Dood. You need to spend the time with Doods that are at least over 2 years old and have their Full Adult Coat through. Allergy testing yourself with a puppy is completely useless as most pups coats dont cast, it is only when they start going through the coat change that you can start having problems and reacting to the pup.
The Coat change on a Labradoodle can start from anywhere from 6 months and can last up until they are 2yrs before it settles to what coat it wants to be!
I myself have been very lucky with my pups going to Allergy sufferers, I've had 4 litters now and out of them, 16 of them went to folk with allergies and touch wood I have never had a problem matching the right pup to the right owner,.
Most of my allergy families visit me lots of times to see my adult Doodles before they are allowed onto my list to make sure that no reaction was taken. I also take my Adult Doods into their homes within their normal enviroment to see if they have any problems, I find this throws up any potential problems pretty quickly!
To learn about the different coat types or generations please see my links below....

Labradoodles are fantastic natured, highly trainable, very quick to learn and are big bouncy bundles of fun! They love everyone and anyone! They come in various colours..Black, Cream, Chocolate & Silver to name but a few.
You need to be firm but fair with them from day 1 when you get your pup home! With the high intelligance of the Labradoodle....let them off with something once and they will remember it! They are absolutely fantastic dogs, full of fun and love to be with you to see what your doing..if your cooking...their cooking, and if your in the loo...they want to be there too!! They love children and are great family pets. An active family is ideal for a Doodle!
They are not suitable for homes that someone isnt going to be around most of the day, as they love company.
A Bored Dog Is A Destructive One!! I myself work 3 days a week and I find it works well with my Doods, I would never work full time and own any dog...it just isnt fair unless you have someone like a dog walker etc to come and keep the dog occupied when you are at work. About 6 hours is the longest I would leave an Adult Doodle.
Standard: Height: 21"-28" ; Weight: Female - 20kg - 30kg; Male - 25kg - 40kg.
Medium: Height: 16"-20"; Weight; 18kg - 25kg; Males being the larger.
Miniature: Height: 10" - 15"; Weight: 11kg - 25kg; Males being the larger.

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