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Labradoodles can suffer a number of different Health Problems, the main ones including Hip, Elbow, Eye and Ear problems.

Hip Displacia
All my Breeding Labradoodles are Hipscored and Eye Tested prior to being bred. Morgan, Zoe and Lexie have all been hipscored, that makes it 3 generations of Hipscored Stock that I have. All have good hips and I will only breed them to Hipscored Males.
While Hipscoring doesnt guarantee that my pups wont have Hip Displacia it means for me as a breeder I have done all I can to try to help eliminate it happening to them. I feed them on Burns puppy food (lower protein) and make sure when they are out of the box playing that they arent skidding about on the laminate. I have big non-slip foam pads for them to play on!

Hip Displacia is a crippling disease where the head of the Femur doesnt fit properly into the socket, this leads to further deterioation of the joint and causes painful arthritis and lameness.
Lots of factors come into play when it comes to Hip Displacia....Genetics, with using bad hipped parents, too high a protein diet while they are young causes the pup to grow rapidly causing wear and tear on fragile joints.
Over excersise while they are young and growing also causes HD.
Whats the solution? Well so far their isnt one!! Hipscoring all your breeding stock, feeding the correct lower protein diet and making sure the pup isnt over excersised when they are growing all helps. Keeping the pup well muscled is also a great way to support the joints, but finding a happy medium i.e with too much excersise can be difficult. Swimming is by far the best way to excersise young joints because it is non weight bearing.

All my Labradoodles have had their annual BVA Eye Exam, and all hold a current Clear Eye Certificate.
Labradoodles can suffer from PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) which is a genetic, inherited eye disease that makes the eye deterioate over time, eventually it makes them go blind. There are no treatments at this time for PRA.

Labradoodles tend to have alot of hair growing inside their ear, they get this from the Poodle side, combine this with long floppy ears and you have a warm moist place for bacteria to grow. Regular plucking of the hair inside their ears is essential so that they do not develop infections, also trimming away the excess hair around the ear flap will help with the air flow. Also weekly cleaning is needed to help prevent a build up of wax for bacteria to breed in.
If in any doubt what to do ask your Groomer, Vet or Breeder to show you how to do it.
I use 2 different items for my Doodles ears.
Ear Cleaner: You can get this from your vet or you can order a different type called Quistel online. Lift the flap of the ear, and liberally squeeze the cleaner into their ear canal. Massage the ear for a minute or so to get all the dirt and wax up then simply wipe away the excess dirt and cleaner that comes to the top with a cotton wool pad.
Please note: Never use cotton Buds to clean your dogs ears or poke anything down them...you will do alot of damage!!
Thornit powder: After you have finished cleaning the ears. Take a pinch of the thornit powder and sprinkle it around the ear hole, (not into the ear hole) it makes plucking easier and helps stop ear infections.

Paws: Make sure you check your Doodles paws at least 3 times a week. Check right in between their toes & pads for matts, as sticky tar etc can get stuck there and gather up all sorts of grit etc...makes it for them like us walking with a stone in our shoe!

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