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Some sad news about Morgan, unfortunately she took really ill on the 18th December 2014. On vets advice we had her pts with all her family around her. Im absolutely gutted. Morgan really was a 1-off dog. I will miss her so so much.

Morgan is a 2nd generation Blue Labradoodle with a Soft Fleece Coat. She came from a breeder in Derby and we waited on a list for 3yrs to get her!

She will be 13yrs old on 22nd April 2015.
She has had 2 litters and was then retired.

Morgan was Hipscored and Eye Tested prior to breeding, Her hipscore is a total of 15 and her eyes have always been Clear. She just had her eyes tested again at the Scottish Doodle Day 2008 and was again pronounced with perfect eyes! (this doesn't surprise me at all as she can spot a bird or rabbit miles away!)

Morgan is best described as a loveable rogue! Although she is 12 years old and loves her home comforts...she can still get up to mischeif with the best of them! She absolutely loves cheese and sausages and you only have to say the word to her and she is sitting with her paw ready!
Her other passion in life is bursting balloons!
She is most definitely top dog with the other Doodles in the house and sorts the 'young up-starts' out when they are getting too much for her lol! She is bossy, loveable, cheeky, fun and just a joy to have.

Morgan with a Summer Clip

mogs with wheel

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