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Meet Rolo

Rolo is 8yrs old, he was born on 25th April '06.

As a pup he was a lovely red Chocolate colour, but over the last few years he has turned a gorgeous Cafe au Lait.

Rolo is also a 2nd generation and is from Morgans 2nd litter..he is full brother to Zoe, just different litters.
He has a gorgeous Curly Fleece coat that doesnt cast at all, he needs clipped about 2-3 times a year.

As a pup Rolo had an accident on the wall in our garden, he tried to jump up on it and didnt make it, therefore he cracked his hip on the wall!
After a few weeks of cage rest he was fine....if not a little loopy from being cooped up so long healing his hip!

We had hoped to use Rolo for breeding, so when he was old enough we got him hipscored, they came back as
15 - 7 (total of 22!). The 15 of course was scored on his bad hip. Its a shame as the rest of his litter scored low scores such as 7,8,9,11 etc.
Obviously 22 is far too high for breeding with, so in May 2009 he was castrated.
Rolo is a proper mummies boy....I love him to bits!
Rolo is a great character, for a large male dog he is the softest sook and can be a bit of a woosy!
He loves a good tug of war with Lexie and his all time favourite toy is a Frizbee! He will spend a good hour playing with one on his own!


Rolo as a pup in the garden..

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